Poly Styrene

Maio 6, 2011

“Poly Styrene formed her band after watching the Sex Pistols perform on Hastings Pier on her 18th birthday and became known for her unpolished vocals and energetic rallying cries against consumerism and environmental destruction.”

Punk icon Poly Styrene


Contos de fadas

Maio 6, 2011

Lobos  e príncipes


Maio 5, 2011

“Shepard helps out Saks with Soviet inspired campaign.

Shepard Fairey (Obama Poster designer) “recently partnered with Saks Fifth Avenue to apply his iconic style to their Spring marketing campaign. Inspired by the graphic designs and propaganda spirit of Constructivist art”

“Plakat Alexander Rodchenko “Books”. The Board for the Leningrad branch of the State publishing house «Gosizdat». 1924 Reproduction Private collection © DACS 2008 © Rodchenko archives”

“Rodchenko took his camera out into the streets to record the optimism of a new society, to show that future liberation was possible through industry.” From a future without global capitalism.

The women of Bauhaus

Maio 5, 2011

“When the Bauhaus art school opened in 1919, more women applied than men – so why have we never heard of them?”

The women of Bauhaus